Questions to Ask when Interviewing Agents to List your Home

Questions to Ask when Interviewing Agents to List your Home

Finding the right agent to list your home is a process similar to an employer hiring a new employee.  It is wise to interview 3 to 5 agents before choosing the one that best fits your needs. In Utah, the agent competition is fierce. Having a list of interview questions you ask each agent at their listing presentation will help you to easily determine who make the cut and who you do not want to work with is. 

Below is a sample list of interview questions. Please check out our YouTube Channel for a description of why you want to ask each question and what you are really looking for when the agent answers.

 1.  What is your list price to sales price ratio over the last 60 days?

2.  What is your average DOM (days on market) for the last 90 days?

3.  What is the absorption rate of homes like mine in the area?

4.  Of the listings you didn’t sell last year, why didn’t they sell?

5.  What was the percentage of homes where you represented sellers vs. buyers?

6.  How many homes did you actually sell last year?

7.  Can you give me a list of the last 10 clients you represented with their contact information?

8.  Do you do any type of work in addition to Real Estate?

9.  How many people do you speak to each day about the Real Estate business?

10.  Can you show me a copy of your daily schedule?

11.  Do you do the same thing for marketing on every home or do you customize marketing based on the home?

12.  What is your commission?

13. What should I do to prepare my home for market?

14. How do we get started? What is the next step?

 Are you getting ready to take advantage of the Sellers’ Market in Utah? Check out our agents! We would love to interview. And we have all the answers to these questions and more.

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