8 Simple Tasks to Get the House Ready to Sell

Getting your house ready to go on the market can sometimes seem like an overwhelming chore. We have 8 of the most important tasks you can complete to get ready for your big launch day.  

Obviously, we help a lot of sellers get their homes ready for sell. We have learned a lot over the years based on our own moving expertise and the experiences of people just like you. Today, we made it simple to get your home ready to sell with just 8 tasks for you to focus on

 #1  Pack it up!

          You are moving soon so start packing! Take this opportunity to get a head start on your move by packing up rarely used items as you go. 

          It is far easier to deep clean and sparkle a space if there is no clutter. We have found the best place to get boxes is at your local U-Haul store where you can buy boxes that are all the same size. That makes it easier to stack and store while you are showing your home and prepping to move.

 #2  Remove the clutter!

          Be sure that any clutter around the home is picked up and put away.  You’ll be an expert at clutter clean up by the end of this process because you’ll do it now and before each showing. It is easier to maintain a show ready home if you start the packing process early and pack up things that typically cause clutter like extra shoes and coats by door. Or get in great housekeeping habits like completing the laundry from start to finish.

 #3  Deep clean!

          And we mean deep clean! Clean your light fixtures and make sure all the bulbs are working. Wipe down your cabinet fronts. Wash windows inside and out.  Really get your house in white glove clean and sparkling.  For tips on a whole house deep clean, check out this  link: https://youtu.be/HVAyNnKgTZM

 #4  Pack up your closets!

          Closets can be horrifying places where buyers can take a peek at your personal life.  We recommend packing up off season clothes and any items on the shelves that you won’t be using for the next few months.

          After packing up and thinning out rarely used items, step back and take a look at the organization.  Make sure it is neat and tidy and looks spacious.  Buyers want to know all their clothes will fit in their new closet.

 #5  Remove Odors!

          According to American Pet Products Association 70% of US households live with pets. Pets come with not so fun odors.  Whether it’s a litter box or puppy pee pad. Be sure to clean up after your pets immediately. It may be necessary make a plan to completely remove the odors with a professional deep carpet clean or Ozone Generator.  Fill out the form below and we will send you a current list of vendors and contractors to help you with removing the odors and anyone else you may need to hire to get ready to Sell.  

#6  Depersonalize!

          You want your buyer to be emotionally invested in your house. Depersonalize the space in order for them to visualize their own family enjoying it. Remove all personal photography. Pack up your religious artwork and icons. And you’ll defiantly not want your politics out in the open.  Like dirty underwear, these things left out in the open can really turn off a prospective buyer.  Your goal is to allow all the buyers to fall in love with your house not restrict them or turn them off in any way.

 #7  Open up the space!

          Too much furniture in a small space will make it feel crowded. Store extra furniture in the garage or a storage unit. Visualize a hotel when considering the staging. Hotels place just enough furniture for utility and have very neutral décor where anyone from any walk of life can feel comfortable and at home.

 #8  Curb appeal!

          First Impressions mean everything!  You don’t want a drive way showing which is when a buyer pulls up in front of the house and then changes their mind about coming inside due to the exterior condition! Trim the grass or shovel the snow. Be sure the entry is clean and free of trash and dust. Many times buyers stand at the entry for several minutes waiting to get let in. They take the opportunity to look around and notice spiderwebs or tough door locks. Unless it is Halloween, be sure you don’t have a spooky entry.

 Well, that’s it! Our 8 simple tasks to get your home ready to go to market!  We have more tips right here check out our other videos and when you are ready, contact us to navigate to your nexthome.

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